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If you find any info on my site useful please contribute by clicking the donation link below. It takes time to put all this together and money to keep the site online (domain registration, monthly web hosting costs). Any amount is appreciated!


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PriusDIY is supported by site vistors. When you buy through Amazon links on my site, I may earn an affiliate commission, at no additional cost to you.



Tutorial / Informational Contribution

Since my site is new at this point I'd love tutorial contributions! I would need the source images and notes about the procedure, please reference the photo for each step. All that can be emailed to priusdiy (at) I will then do all the image work, formatting etc and post it in the tutorial index. Yes, I know there are many Prius tutorials out there already. What I don't like is how unorganized, incomplete, long winded and all over the place they are. I want it in one place, easy to find and with decent images to follow - that's what I'm trying to do. Us DIY'ers shouldn't need to spend hours researching 1 job when we can have it in one place. Considering 1+ million Prii have been sold in the USA alone I hope there will be some like-minded folks that will help me out :)

Any Prius related link(s) are also appreciated.


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