How to Turn Off the MAINT REQD Light
2004-2009 Toyota Prius


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You don't need the dealer to turn this warning light off on the dash, it takes less than a minute to do. However, the car may ligitimately need maintenance so poke around the MFD to see if it tells you anything. Mine said "replace spark plugs" but I had already done that so off with the light!

1) Power on the car and make sure ODM is displayed on the dash. If not hit the ODM/TRIP button under the MFD until it's displayed. Power off the car.

2) Push and hold down the ODM/TRIP button under the MFD, while holding that down slowly push the POWER button twice. Continue holding down the ODM/TRIP button and look at the odometer. It should flash and then display "------" in place of your milage. The "-" characters will disappear one by one from left to right and then it will display "000000" and the MAINT REQD light will disappear and your actual odometer reading will come back, release the ODM/TRIP button. Done!



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