How to Remove the Air Filter Assembly
2004-2009 Toyota Prius


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Tools Needed:

1) Loosen the 10mm bolt circled in green and then pull the air inlet off the air filter assembly (27 in-lb, 3.0 Nm, 31 kg-cm). Remove the 2 10mm bolts circled in red (62 in-lb, 7.0 Nm, 71 kg-cm).

2) Push on the tab indicted by the blue arrow while pulling out on the connector to release it.

3) Gently pull up on the tab indicated by the blue arrow until the wire harness clamp can be opened as shown.

4) Loosen the 10mm bolt circled in red and then pull the entire air filter assembly off the throttle body (27 in-lb, 3.0 Nm, 31 kg-cm).

Air filter assembly removed. Assembly is revese of removal, torque specs noted.



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