How to Check & Replace the Cabin Air Filter
2004-2009 Toyota Prius


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Here's one of those maintenance items that you can easily save money on. Why have the dealer or a shop change this (and charge you $$$) when you can do it yourself in less than 5 minutes? And for the cost of the part only.

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Parts/Supplies Needed:

1) Pop the glove box and pull the damper outwards with your finger while holding the glove box door with your other hand. The glove box will get caught on the catches, this is what we want.

2) Sit with your legs on the side of the passenger seat hanging out the door to catch the box after you've done this, the pic was taken after I already did this step to show both catches. Highlighted in green are the left and right glove box catches, they'll be resting behind the plastic housing of the dash. All you do is use your fingers to push on the locations of the blue arrows and it will clear the dash plastic, the glove box plastic is pretty flexible and designed to do this. With the glove box in the position pictured all you do is pull up on it and it will come off.

2b) For reference, here's the right hinge circled in red, same hinge on the left.

2c) Another reference shot, you can see the glove box just clips in / rests in place.

3) Here's what you see once the glove box is out of the way. Pull on the 2 plastic tabs circled in red and the filter assembly and filter will slide out.

4) On the left you can see the filter does serve a purpose, this was from when I bought the car so it looks like a aftermarket carbon filter which will be black in color to begin with but this one has seen better days. On the right is a OEM Toyota cabin air filter. Take out the old and replace with the new filter.

5) Installed in the filter assembly. Assembly is reverse of removal. Check the filter periodically and use your judgement on whether it should be replaced or not. This is one of those things that depends on your location, environment, etc. In other words, something you can't put a mileage number on when to replace, just need to check it and replace as needed.




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