How to Remove the Rear Cargo Covers
2004-2009 Toyota Prius


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This is just a primer for many other jobs. Do you need to get to your spare tire, 12v battery, HV battery, lighting and more? You have to do all these simple steps to gain access. Here's how, no tools required....if you're not taking pics like me this is a matter of minutes.


1) Remove rear cargo mat (if you have one that is).

2) Twist the 2 holders circled in red and then use the fabric center pull tab (direct center & hard to see) to pull and lift the rear floor board #2 up and out. If you're simply gaining access to the tire iron and tow eye you're done, otherwise proceed to step 3.

3) Pull the fabric pull tab by the blue arrow and remove rear floor board #4. This will gain you access to the first aid kit if you have one, you can see mine sitting underneath.

4) Remove the rear deck floor box by pulling up underneath the area pointed to by the right blue arrow and then by the left blue arrow. If you only need spare tire access stop here and grab the spare, if you need more move on.

5) Remove deck floor box LH by simply pulling it out, it just sits there.

6) Pull the plastic tab on the right away from the trim to release the 2 claws and then lift the floor board up and out. You now gain access to the 12v battery.



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