How to Convert HID Headlights to LED
2004-2009 Toyota Prius


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Prius HID headlights look great when they work but they are notorius for going out. In some cases both at once...not safe. Both of the Prii I have owned have had problems. I've replaced many bulbs and several ballasts over the years. I wish I did this conversion years ago, I would have saved myself tons of extra work a good chunk of money. This is so easy and effective that even if these don't last too long you eliminate the ballast altogether. I have about 4 months of use on these now and have had zero issues; instant on.

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Tools Needed:

Parts/Supplies Needed:

1) Remove the headlight assembly steps 1-5 to disconnect the power supply wiring harness from the ballast.

2) Release these 2 wires and slide out the HID bulb.

3) Slide the white wiring harness out from the headlight assembly and then screw the ballast back in place.

4) Tuck the HID headlight bulb connector away as much as possible. I ended up putting a piece of duck tape over mine so it wouldn't rattle around. Some may choose to cut that off altogether since it is no longer needed.

Here's the LED I ended up with. There's a fan on the back but I've never noticed any noise from it.

5) Install the LED bulb. Depending on what model bulb you buy it may be a bit different. Mine fit in the D4R base perfect but I needed to rotate it around somewhat so that the LED's pointed out sideways.

6) Connect the spade terminals to the wire harness from the cover.

7) I wrapped these with electrical tape.

8) A little more tape to prevent them from sliding out.

9) Pack everything up and lock the cover back in place.

10) Reinstall the headlight assemblies and test your new lights out. Instant on!




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