How to Remove the Wheel Trim Rings
2004-2009 Toyota Prius


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The second generation Toyota Prius comes with a plastic trim ring on a solid alloy rim. Most people probably don't even look closely enough to notice this but I find it tacky. This is all personal opinion but I think the rims look much better with this piece removed. All you have to do is pull it off and clean up the rim and the look is significantly better. I'm certainly not the first person to do this but I wanted to clearly show off the appearance difference.

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Parts/Supplies Needed:

1) Pull on any of the empty spaces indicated by the red arrows and the plastic piece just pulls off, it's spring loaded.

2) Clean the rim. I used WD-40 and some rags and after a little work revealed this!

Profile (even my wife likes this look better!)

Off vs On. It's a free mod, your choice.




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