How to Remove the Headlight Assembly (HID & Halogen)
without Removing the Front Bumper
2004-2009 Toyota Prius


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Here's another way to change the headlight bulbs and also a pre-req for other jobs. Believe me, this looks much harder than it actually is. Essentially a few clips, 4 bolts and 3 wiring connections and it's out.

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Tools Needed:

1) Pop the hood and remove the front engine cover.

2) Remove the 2 phillips screws highlighted in green, then remove the 3 plastic clips highlighted in red. To do this....

2a) Pop up the holder about this far using a thin flat-head screwdriver...

2b) ...and pull out.

3) Pull back on the plastic fender and remove the 10mm bolt circled in red.

4) Pull back from the edge by the blue arrow and the bumper just unsnaps like this. Remember we're not removing the bumper just making room to remove the headlight.

5a) Pull back a bit more and look in the location the blue arrow points, this is 1/3 bolts that hold the headlight assembly in place.

5b) Remove the black 10mm bolt directly below the one circled in red. I couldn't get a decent picture of it.

6) Pull the bumper back a bit more to reveal the 2nd 10mm bolt and remove it, lower red circle. Then remove the 3rd 10mm bolt at the top.

7) Now the headlight assembly can be pulled out a bit for easy access to unclip the 3 wiring harnesses circled in red. They're all unique so no need to label anything. You'll want to pull up on the top first as the bottom section by the bumper has some holders that keep it down. (Thermos revealed!)




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