Lighting Tutorials


How to replace the headlight bulbs (HID & Halogen) (09/02/12)

How to remove the headlight assembly (HID & Halogen) without removing the bumper (09/06/12)

How to replace the HID ballast/computer/ECU (09/26/12)


Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. If you don't feel comfortable doing a procedure then don't do it. This information is to be used as a guide and is for illustration purposes only. By no means is my site a definitive source for the procedures listed; it is simply how I or the tutorial contributor did things., the tutorial contributor, and I are not responsible in any way for anything that happens as a result of following these guides.

Safety First: When working on your car put safety first. Use common sense and be careful. If you're doing electrical work disconnect the battery. If you need to jack up the car use jack stands and wheel blocks. Common sense is the key.



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