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Maintenance Tutorials

How to change the key FOB battery

Engine (ICE Specific) Tutorials

How to change the engine oil

How to check & replace the engine air filter

How to clean the MAF (mass air flow sensor)

How to clean the throttle body

How to remove the front engine bay cover

How to remove the air filter assembly

How to replace the PCV valve

How to replace the spark plugs

How to inspect & replace the drive belt

Interior Tutorials

How to check & replace the cabin air filter

How to remove the rear cargo covers

How to install the OEM cargo net

How to replace the 12v auxiliary battery

Lighting Tutorials

How to replace the headlight bulbs (HID & Halogen)

How to remove the headlight assembly (HID & Halogen) without removing the bumper

How to replace the HID ballast/computer/ECU

Modification Tutorials

How to remove the wheel trim ring

How to install a trailer hitch

How to install trailer hitch wiring

Multi-Function Display (MFD) / Digital Dash Tutorials

How to turn off the MAINT REQD light

How to check the 12v auxiliary battery health

Transmission / Transaxle Tutorials

How to change the transmission fluid








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