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Welcome to, the Toyota Prius DIY resource! The goal is to provide a comprehensive source of DIY information and web resources. Most importantly are my in depth how to do-it-yourself picture tutorials. Most of my tutorials are not that difficult and can be done with basic tools. You might be surprised at how many essential maintenance and repair jobs you can do yourself which can potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

I am loosely basing this site off of my popular Lexus LS400 DIY site, check it out to see how many things you can do yourself, it's been around for almost a decade. My goal with is to get at the level of my other site or higher. Yes I did previously own a gas guzzling V8. When that reached the end of its life (an accident) my wife and I decided we needed a more efficient vechicle - the answer was a Toyota Prius.

We searched and purchased our 2008 Prius in October of 2010. Since I own a 2008 most of the information on this site applies to second generation (2004-2009) Prii. This site is continuously under development so please check back often for new material. I would love to convert our Prius to a plug-in and I am currently researching that option.

As with my other site I am providing this information FREE of charge. However, the development and tutorials listed on this site take a significant amount of time to research, document and put together. So, if you like what you see please help support my site by either clicking on ads/product links that interest you or make a donation. Enjoy!




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